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2021 AOSW 37th Annual Conference Committee

SIG Leaders


Allison Brookes - Member
Amy E. Corveleyn - Member
Amy E. Tissiere - Member
Carissa Hodgson - Member
Debra K. Mattison - Member
Elizabeth Bornstein, MSSA, LCSW, OSW-C, APHSW-C - Member
Erin L. Price - Member
Hannah Smith - Member
Hee Y. Lee - Member
Jacalyn Lasich - Member
Jackie Ogg - Member
Julia Leavitt - Member
Kailie Sullivan - Member
Kristina Teran, LCSW-BACS, OSW-C - Member
Lauren Broschak - Member
Lauren DeWitt - Member
Lauren Sanders - Member
Linda Mathew - Member
Liz Morasso - Member
Melissa Sommers - Member
Michelle d. Ferretti - Member
Paula Brumback - Member
Raquel Serrano - Member
Sage Bolte - Member
Sandra Blackburn - Member
Sara Goldberger - Member
Silvi Saxena - Member
William McDermott - Member

Staff Liaisons

Collin Hamman
[email protected]
Patricia Sullivan
Marketing Communications Director
[email protected]
Sheila Lee
Executive Director
[email protected]