2017 Abstract Submission

2017 AOSW 33rd Annual Conference Abstract Submission

Note: The abstract center is open for submission of student posters only from December 15, 2016 – January 16, 2017. 


2017 Conference Objectives

Identify practice-based advocacy and policy initiatives that promote health equity and improve psychosocial oncology care.
Explore ethical challenges and legal issues that intersect oncology social work and ways to address them while working with patients, families and interdisciplinary teams.
Identify evidence-based practice methods, leadership skills, and practical techniques to educate, mentor and nurture the next generation of oncology social workers.
Promote OSW Profession 
Elevate the role of the oncology social worker as vital to the provision of quality cancer care, patient-centered outcomes, reduced care costs and increased revenue. 
Synthesize psychosocial oncology research and evidence-based therapeutic techniques which encourage adjustment to illness and treatment, healthy coping and resilience for patients and their families.
Underserved Populations/Diversity
Identify disparities in the delivery of cancer care and evidence-based strategies for improving psychosocial care for underserved and medically vulnerable oncology patients and survivors, their families and caregivers.

2017 Presentation Types 
Proposals for the following session types are being accepted:
Description: A poster presentation is an opportunity to discuss your topic with peers in an informal setting. Posters typically focus on one main theme, and present useful information, research results and stimulate discussion. A poster presentation allows viewers to study and restudy information and discuss it with the presenter one on one. Presenter must present in-person, follow poster size guidelines.
Description: A theory-based presentation of original content focused on exploring and analyzing new and current issues, trends, perspectives and/or models in the field of oncology social work and demonstrates a relationship or gap of this new information to existing research and theory.
Time: 60 minutes - 45 minutes for presenting the information and 15 minutes for dialogue with attendees.
Note: Your proposal must clearly show how the theory or theories used are relevant to the material. The information explored/analyzed must be new material related to current issues, trends, perspectives, best practices and/or models in oncology social work.
Paper Symposium 
Description: Multiple presentations on a single topic presented by authors with moderated discussion by a group of 3-5 participants who submitted abstracts on the topic addressed. Authors will share their knowledge through discussion on the validity, value, and applicability of the topic as well as their own unique work in the topic area. 
Time: 60 OR 90 minutes - 5 minutes for introducing the topic, 40 OR 70 minutes for discussion/presentation by the presenters, and 15 minutes for summary and questions from the audience. The amount of time designated to each presenter will be determined by how many participants are included in the Paper Symposium.
Note: Only the Lead Author will present in a Paper Symposium presentation.
Learning Institute
Description: A presentation designed to actively involve attendees in structured activities, small or large group processes, simulation, and/or other training components. Presentation must have in evidence a meaningful rationale and/or theoretical base underlying the activities. For advanced skills training requiring more presentation time, two 90 min sessions may be requested, however given logistics, planning and space, this will be a very limited option.
Time: 90 minutes.