The American Cancer Society, the largest not-for-profit funding source for cancer research, is pleased to invite applications for the following grants to support training, research and career development in areas of interest to oncology social workers:

Master's Training Grants in Clinical Oncology Social Work

Annual Application Deadline: October 15
Grant application materials available in early July

These grants are awarded to institutions to support the training of second-year students to provide psychosocial services to persons with cancer and their families. Applications must be from hospitals, medical centers or community-based programs that are affiliated with accredited schools of social work with health care/mental health care concentrations. The grant term is two years with annual funding of $12,000 (trainee award of $10,000 and $2,000 for faculty professional development). Institutions that receive awards are asked to nominate a student trainee. Training grants are renewable.

Doctoral Training Grants in Oncology Social Work

Annual Application Deadline: October 15
Grant application materials available in early July

These grants support the training of graduate students in doctoral programs focused on research related to oncology social work. They are available to outstanding students during all phases of a graduate program offered in an accredited school of social work. An application must outline a plan of study and indicate how the proposed program will prepare the candidate for a career in social work oncology research. Students who have achieved candidacy will be required to submit a detailed research plan. The initial application is for a two-year grant with annual funding of $20,000 with possibility of a two-year renewal.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

This award supports the training of researchers who have just received their doctorates to enable them to qualify for an independent career in cancer research (including psychosocial, behavioral, epidemiologic, preclinical, clinical and basic research). Awards are made for one to three years with progressive stipends of $52,000, $54,000 and $56,000 per year, plus a $4,000 per year institutional allowance.

Mentored Research Scholar Grants in Applied and Clinical Research

These grants provide support for mentored research and training to full-time junior faculty, typically within the initial four years of their first independent appointment. The goal is for these beginning investigators to become independent researchers as either clinician scientists or cancer control and prevention researchers. Awards are for up to five years and for up to $135,000 per year (direct costs), plus 8% allowable indirect costs. Up to 10,000 per year for the mentor is included in the $135,000.

Research Scholar Grants

These grants support investigator-initiated projects across the cancer research continuum. Awards are for up to four years and for up to $200,000 per year (direct costs), plus 20% allowable indirect costs. Eligibility Criteria: Independent investigators in the first six years of an independent research career or faculty appointment are eligible to apply.

Exceptions: RSG applicants to the Cancer Control and Prevention Research Program ONLY may be at any career stage provided the focus of their project is either: 1) health policy/health services research or 2) cancer disparity reduction (see Priority Focus Program below and full program policies for additional information including special terms for population-based studies).

Clinical Research Professor Awards

Awarded to outstanding mid-career investigators who have made seminal contributions that have changed the direction of clinical, psychosocial, behavioral, health policy or epidemiologic cancer research. In general, applicants will recently have attained the rank of full professor. The awards are for five years in the total amount of $400,000, and may be renewed once.

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