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AOSW Annual Conference Safety Guidelines

To help with your planning, we wanted to share the following Q&As.

Q. Will AOSW require attendees to be vaccinated?
Vaccination is required in order to attend the meeting. All staff, volunteers, members, exhibitors and attendees must be vaccinated. There will be no medical or religous exemptions granted.   

To ensure the highest levels of safety, all attendees are required when registering for the conference to:

  • Upload proof of full vaccination 

  • When registering attendees will be required to attest to the following:

    • that they will wear a mask at all times

    • maintain social distancing

    • self-monitor for any COVID-19 symptoms and report to AOSW staff if they are feeling unwell

Q. Will AOSW require attendees to wear masks?
A. Yes, AOSW requires all attendees to wear a mask while attending the meeting.  PLEASE NOTE: This is a fluid situation, and mandates that do or don’t exist today may change by the time of the meeting in June.

Q.  What is the hotel doing to keep us safe?
A.  Please see the hotel's COVID-19 page

Q.  Will there be social distancing at the AOSW Annual Meeting?
A. Social distancing will be encouraged per the latest updates from the CDC and state and local guidance.

Raleigh Safety Guidelines.

Guests & Children
Partners, guests and children accompanying their parents or caregivers to the meeting must be fully vaccinated. Children attending the meeting must be fully vaccinated, with the exception of those who are not yet eligible.


Contact [email protected] with any questions.