Research SIG – Social Work Oncology Research Group

Research SIG/SWORG (Social Work Oncology Research Group)

The Research Committee identified a need to have a SIG so that all members who wish to connect with research activities at AOSW can do so.  Research SIG membership includes current members of the Research Committee, other researchers  who are not members of the Research Committee, OSW practitioners who are involved with research activities, OSWs who would like to strengthen the research component of their jobs, and OSWs who are interested in knowing more about AOSW research activities.  

Amy E. Corveleyn, MSW, LICSW

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute  
Phone: (978) 620-2049 

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The Radiation Therapy SIG provides specialized networking, the opportunity to share specialized professional expertise, education for the oncology community, and fosters support for those OSWs working in RT settings. This RT SIG will contribute to the ability of OSWs in RT settings to provide cutting edge psychosocial support to patients receiving RT and their families. The RT SIG also offers the opportunity for OSWs not working in RT settings to learn more about a cancer treatment that is often misunderstood.

Amy Hawthorne, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C
Providence Cancer Institute
Beaverton, OR

Linda Hutkin-Slade, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C
Sharp HealthCare
La Mesa, CA

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