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Spirituality SIG

We view spirituality as an essential component of knowing how patients and families view their world, their illness and their individual search for meaning, purpose, connectedness and hope through the cancer experience.  It can serve as an anchor to help maintain a sense of purpose and stability during the many challenges of the cancer experience by connecting people to each other, to a community and to a higher source of power outside of themselves. 

The Spirituality SIG seeks to encourage and promote awareness of the importance of spiritual assessment and interventions and to assist oncology social workers in developing a skill set to provide competent delivery of psychospiritual care to patients and families.  

Debbie Mattison, LMSW, OSW-C
Phone: 734-763-1624
Email: [email protected]

Sandra Blackburn, MSW, LSW
Abramson Cancer Center Penn Medicine
Phone: (215) 360-0580
[email protected]

In the wake-- and perhaps awakening-- of COVID, have you experienced a new clarity in the way you view or experience life, your connection to others, your values, your purpose, your oncology social work practice or even your hobbies, shopping habits, or time priorities?

The Spirituality SIG has posted a new essay on our SIG web page (link) on “COVID Clarity” that explores the impact of COVID on how many of us may be experiencing life in a new way in this era.

Hop on over to the Spirituality SIG page and check out the essay and consider contributing to this topic with your own take on “COVID Clarity” by emailing Debbie Mattison ([email protected]) and Sandy Blackburn ([email protected]

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