Submit a Story

To submit a story or information for inclusion in a future issue of AOSW Navigator, contact Editor KrisAnn Talarico.

Here is the breakdown of article expectations based on role:

  • The AOSW President contributes one article for all six issues, totaling six per year.
  • AOSW Board Members contribute one article per year.
  • The AOSW Membership Director contributes three articles per year, in the form of the “Kudos Column” to highlight AOSW member accomplishments.
  • Special Interest Group (SIG) leaders contribute one article per year.
  • AOSW Newsletter editors work with authors to contribute four articles per year.

Please be timely with all article submissions so the AOSW Newsletter can be produced and released on time every other month. Communicate with the editor prior to the submission deadline if unforeseen circumstances prevent timely submission of your article.

We depend on your generous time, energy and enthusiasm to create this newsletter. Thank you for all you do!

Author Guidelines

  • We accept articles written by AOSW members intended to be read by AOSW members.
  • Generally, please keep articles to 500-1000 words.
  • Authors will be assigned to work with an editor who will assist them in their submissions.
  • All articles submitted will be reviewed and edited by AOSW’s professional editor.
  • Please include photographs, images, tables, charts and links to illustrate your content and help members learn more about your topic. Please ensure we have permission to use these items before submitting them for publication.
  • Along with your article, please share a brief (one- to two-sentence) bio as well as your credentials.

Editor Guidelines

  • You will receive an annual schedule of the bimonthly collection dates. Editors will be expected to contribute an article for four of the six issues each year, pending extraordinary circumstances.
  • Please be timely with your article submissions as each article goes through a number of editorial steps before it is included in the issue.
  • If you anticipate having problems with an article’s deadline, please proactively communicate with the editor prior to the deadline.
  • Along with the article, please collect the author’s bio, the author’s credentials, and any photographs, images, tables, charts or links the author would like to include in the article. Please ensure the author has permission to post these items along with the article.