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Sexual Health SIG

Social workers are frequently presented with problems related to sexuality and intimacy when addressing quality of life issues for their patients, making it imperative that they seek out education, training and supervision around these issues in order to best meet the needs of their patients. The impact of cancer and cancer treatment on sexual health are frequent subjects on SWON, and are popular topics at the annual AOSW conference. Studies suggest that oncology social workers need education and training on these issues in order to provide better psychosocial counseling, psychoeducation and advocacy for their patients. The Sexual Health SIG has several goals, including:

  • Educating oncology social workers about the sexual health needs of persons diagnosed with cancer and their partner(s)
  • Creating a forum of oncology social work professionals to learn about and discuss the current challenges that their patients face related to sexual well-being.
  • Developing research strategies for growing the literature on this important quality of life topic.

We hope you will join us at the annual AOSW conference and join our SIG so you can participate in the email discussions and resource sharing.

Jennifer Bires

Christina Austin-Valere

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